Pop-Up Survey Responses

On September 28, Stephen Rispoli asked Section members to respond to two ‘Pop-Up’ survey questions. Responses to the fun questions are below:

Q1: How did you feel about the return to school in the Fall? You can respond only using memes.

Q2: What show did you binge-watch during the pandemic?

Angela Schultz, Marquette law: An old HBO series called “Looking”

Jennifer Tschirch, Marquette Law: Aspirational binge: Ted Lasso (haven’t gotten around to getting Apple TV+!)

Pamela Robinson, USC School of Law: Did not binge watch TV. Watched my bees and read books

Alissa Rubin Gomez, University of Houston Law Center: During the pandemic, I binged watched my children. That’s literally it.

Anna Davis, UC Irvine School of Law: Tiger King, Bridgerton (3x!), Jack Ryan

Kiva K. Zytnick, Columbus School of Law: Survivor; Schitt’s Creek