Pop Up Survey Results – #2

Question #2: How, and to whom, do you market your end of year data? Infographic, press release, online-only, internal or external, etc.?

-Tara Casey, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Richmond School of Law

I share the information with our Dean and communications office, as well as share on social media. Usually just the numbers, and then they may choose to distribute the information more widely in different formats.

-Anna Davis, Director of Pro Bono Programs, UC Irvine School of Law

I have a PowerPoint that I show at the awards event at the end of the year. The following day I email it to faculty and students that were not at the event.

-Ted De Barbieri, Associate Professor, Albany Law School

We push out our end of year data on social media, infographic, and have been using it in our ongoing capital campaign too.

-Jill Friedman, Associate Dean, Pro Bono and Public Interest, Rutgers Law School

Internally, mostly.

-Joan Heminway, Rick Rose Distinguished Professor of Law, The University of Tennessee College of Law

Our full pro bono report is exclusive internal, as far as I know. But selected outtakes are shared with external and quasi-external audiences via website articles, letters to alumni/donors, etc.

-David Johnson, Assistant Dean for Pro Bono & Advocacy Programs, GW Law

Internal, but Communications may use externally.

-Virgie Mouton, Asst. Dean for Student Development, Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Electronic Memo to the Dean of the law school.

-Pamela Robinson, Director, Pro Bono Program, University of South Carolina

Infographic, social media and internal publications.

-Angela Schultz, Assistant Dean for Public Service, Marquette Law School

Internally to the Dean by written report. Externally to volunteers by newsletter. Data is also shared at the end-of-year pro bono event.

-Anne Sexton, Assistant Director of Public Interest; University of Minnesota Law School

Infographics and on-line; internal and external (prospective students, alumni, etc.)

-Michelle Takagishi-Almeida, Director – Public Service Program, Southwestern Law School

Both internal and external reporting with data being recycled for institutional marketing and communication purposes (public relations, admissions recruitment, volunteer recruitment needs, etc.).

-Jen Tschirch, Associate Director of Pro Bono Programs, Georgetown Law

I aspire to share it far and wide! In actuality, that remains a work in progress. Plans include an annual report, social media posts, and any other brilliant ideas I get from my colleagues here.

-Eliza Vorenberg, Director of Pro Bono & Community Partnerships, Director Pro Bono Collaborative Roger Williams University School of Law

The local legal community, our donors, our students, and our alums. All mentioned except we don’t use press releases.

-Kiva Zytnick, Pro Bono Coordinator, CUA Law

Lots of ways– class contest visual, list of students pro bono honor roll, details in marketing materials. Mostly internal.